1. Get to the race early! Parking for competitors is half a mile from the transition area. Because Lake Tanglewood is 20 miles south of Amarillo, we suggest you leave for the race no later than 8:00 am. This will give you time to deal with any unexpected problems (or lines for the bathrooms). Participants who miss the 9:45 a.m. safety meeting will not be allowed to compete. There will be no refunds for late arrival.
  1. There will be a bike technician available in case you need assistance.
  1. Know the course! There will be a Beginners and Course lecture via Online Video Link emailed to registrants with the Welcome Packet. The better you know the course, the better your experience will be! There is no course previewing, as Lake Tanglewood is a gated community. If you have questions on race day, find a race official. Do look over and familiarize yourself with the course map and talk to others about what the course is like. There is one very difficult hill on the bike course; if you are an inexperienced rider, plan to walk. The run course is extremely hilly (for Amarillo that is)!
  1. If you are not a strong swimmer, start in the back and move to the outside right of your group. You might consider pausing at the start for 5 to 10 seconds to allow stronger swimmers to move ahead. The middle of the pack toward the front of the swim is very chaotic and you don’t want to get kicked or lose your goggles right away.
  1. Unless you are an experienced endurance athlete, don’t push the pace until close to the end. This course is short, but VERY difficult.
  1. Don’t try anything new during the race or on race morning. You are best to stick with sports drinks, food, and equipment that you have used on a regular basis. People react differently to different things; just because something works for someone else does not mean it will work for you.
  1. Know the USAT rules of triathlon and follow them. You don’t want to get a disqualification or time penalty after all your hard work and training. Common time penalties include drafting (following the biker in front of you too closely), blocking (riding on the left side), and forgetting to buckle your helmet when leaving the swim to bike transition, mounting your bike early or dismounting late. Penalties are enforced for safety.
  1. The bike and run courses take place within a residential community as well as the high traffic areas of John’s Way Blvd and the Dumas Highway. For safety reasons, headphones/music are NOT permitted. Athletes must be fully aware of other bikers wishing to pass and vehicles approaching from the rear.
  1. There will be a chase car following athletes on the course to alert race staff to any needs. We also have an emergency response team on site all day in case of emergency or injury.
  1. Tell any family and friends to bring bag chairs and bring one for yourself. There will be plenty of seating out of the sun. The race will be followed with an after party including a cookout, beverages, a live band, and awards presentation. This is free to all participants and spectators. No pets, please. You WILL NOT want to miss it!

Have Fun!